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    Backtrack a bit...So who exactly is this Lauren Bok lady?

    She's a comedian.

    Lauren Bok is an award winning comedian with big energy and big face. She does stand up, burlesque, mimes and silly voices all at same time.


    Nominated for the Golden Gibbo at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2019, she has been described as 'jaw-achingly brilliant' by The Music and 'a joy to watch' by the Herald Sun.


    You can see her stomping on stages in Melbourne, hosting the Burlesque Showboat, or listen to her play D&D on Dice Paper Role, or at the Channel 10 studios doing audience warm up for The Project.


    She's been called a champion of the independent spirit of comedy, and is a fierce advocate of fresh new ideas and intersectional spaces.


    "How does one even begin to explain how wonderfully funny Lauren Bok is" - Aussietheatre.com.au




  • Instantly relatable, charismatic and doubled-over-gasping-for-air funny,  Bok held the audience in the palm of her hand. 


    The Tiser, Adelaide


    Beat Magazine


    The Music


    Funny Tonne

    ★★★★★ Theatrepeople


    Golden Gibbo 2019 MICF Nominee


    Best Emerging Comedy - WINNER

    Adelaide Fringe 2016

    "Her innate nuttiness and gift for physical comedy need to be seen live and up close."

    Herald Sun

  • STUFF I do


    Just, in general. Generally.

    She can do stand up, presenting, corporate gigs, charity fundraisers, hen's parties, any kind of hosting, MCing, Trivia, audience warm-up, basically any kind of getting-up-in-front-of-people-both-in-person-and-virtual-sense things.


    She appears regularly at countless stand up and variety nights across her home city of Melbourne.


    Check her stories on her Instagram to find out where she's popping up next!


    Stand up bits from Rock Out With Your Bok Out


    Segment: Local Laughs from Melbourne International Comedy Festival's "Comedy Rooms of Melbourne" series


    There's a nice place at the end of this page you can go to if you wanna book her.



    Hosting and Performing

    Stacked full of whip-quick quips, Lauren Bok is a stone cold hilarious fox when she's doing burlesque. For over a decade this sassy drink of water has been stomping across the stages of Australia and internationally at Fringe and Comedy festivals doing herself a mischief. Lauren loves eye-liner, making best friends in the bathroom and takes a gin and tonic, thanks!

    Dice Paper Role.

    Dice Paper Role is a Dungeons and Dragons comedy adventure. Created in 2017 by five Australian mates playing fifth edition, DPR is an actual play podcast with original stories, beautiful artwork, bespoke music, and evocative sound effects. With over 100 episodes, you can start from the beginning, jump into one of our one shot games (recorded live at Australia’s biggest comedy festivals), or hear our unique take on Wizards of the Coast’s ‘Curse of Strahd’ adventure. There will be trolls and lols aplenty in this improvised fantasy world.


    With Greg Pickering, Emil Freund, Jack Crosby, Ben Clements, and Daniel Last


    Dice Paper Role also does live shows!


    Dice Paper Role Website

    Past Shows.

    Solo Shows:

    2021 It's A Long Way To The Bok (If You Wanna Sausage Roll)

    2019 Rock Out With Your Bok Out **Nominated for The Golden Gibbo - MICF**

    2018 - The World's Worst Babysitter (Children's Comedy)

    2017 Between a Bok and a Hard Place

    2015 - Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito **Winner - Best Emerging Comedy Weekly Award Adelaide Fringe 2016**

    Group Shows:

    2012 - 2015 Radio Variety Hour (1940s live radio plays) **Nominated Best Emerging Comedy Adelaide Fringe 2012**

    2014 Wander Women (Sketch)

    2014 Sullivan and Bok (Split bill stand up with Claire Sullivan)

    2013 Tragedy + Time (Sketch)

    2013 2 States of Lauren Bok and Bridget Fahey (Split bill stand up)


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  • I live and work on the stolen and unceded lands of the Wurundjeri and Boonwurring People of the Kulin Nation. I pay my respects to Traditional Elders past and present.

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