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    ⚡ Rock out with your bok Out⚡

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    Tune in, turn on and Bok out with jaw-dropping stories and silly mimes from the ‘snort-level funny’ (Broadsheet) mouth of the award-winning Lauren Bok.
    Appearing in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for 14 Shows only:
    8 - 21 April

    7.10pm at Crowded In The Vaults - Pilgrim Bar

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  • About

    Backtrack a bit...So who exactly is this Lauren Bok lady?

    She's a comedian. 

    Lauren Bok is an award-winning comedian from Melbourne with over 7 years experience in stand up comedy, hosting, radio, television presentation, performing and silly voices.


    Along the way she's enjoyed multiple sold-out shows, rave reviews and made it onto three best-newcomer lists (Pedestrian.tv, Broadsheet and webwombat.com) as well as writing for SBS Comedy and The Age.


    She is also the co-founder of Gaggle, an all-day workshop series in stand up, clowning and improv comedy for women and non-binary people. She has presented her own stand up comedy workshop for Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Newcastle Not Just For Laughs Festival and more.


    Her award-winning debut solo show Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito toured to Edinburgh Fringe, Perth Fringe World, Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Anywhere Festival from 2015-2017.


    Her second solo show, Between a Bok and a Hard Place, examined the creation of comedy, earning her sold out shows, rave reviews and top 4 shows to see in The Guardian.


    "How does one even begin to explain how wonderfully funny Lauren Bok is" - Aussietheatre.com.au



  • Yeah but what else has she done

    yeah heaps what


    Between a Bok and a Hard Place

    Stepping between the cracks of comedy to show the 4 things needed to make a show: Title, blurb, image, and to a lesser extent, talent.


    "She has a warm, confident presence that she combines with a great deal of boisterous energy and physicality. Her observations are accessible, painfully accurate and reflective of an artist constantly honing her craft. She works for and with her audience creating hilarious and accessible moments to which both creators and consumers of comedy can relate."

    -Radio Adelaide


    As A Bok In Progress, Melbourne Fringe 2017
    FRINGEWORLD Perth 2018

    Adelaide Fringe 2018

    Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018




    Is That A Burrito In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy You Have A Burrito

    We're born, we're shovelled into a channel of carbohydrate, the weight of life's commitments are thrown on top of us. The Tomato Salsa of Dreams. The Guacamole of Expectations. The Sour Cream of Hope.


    “Relatable, hysterical, sassy, uncompromising” - Bare Truth Magazine

    “Earning the attention she deserves” - The Plus Ones

    “Snort level funny” - Broadsheet

    ★★★★ - Beat Magazine

    ★★★★ - Rip It Up

    “Sold out with the audience in stitches”

    ★★★★★ - Funny Tonne

    WINNER: Best Emerging Comedy Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe 2016


    Eeny Meeny Cafe, Anywhere Festival 2015

    The Courthouse Hotel Melbourne Fringe 2015

    Noodle Palace, FRINGEWORLD Perth 2016

    Producers Bar, Adelaide Fringe 2016 - *WINNER - Best Emerging Artist Weekly Award*

    The Forum, Melbourne international Comedy Festival 2016

    The Butterfly Club, 2017

    Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe 2017



    The World's Worst Babysitter

    Have fear, the World's Worst Babysitter is here! And she’s ready to eat all the icecream, make too much noise and never go to bed! As soon as parents fly out the door, order flies out the window! The World’s Worst Babysitter is an unforgettable show of hell-raising chaos, clowning and cheeky fun, taking you on an adventure of living-room sized proportions.


    "Don't miss out on The World's Worst Babysitter - She may turn traditional rules upside down but when it comes to entertaining children they need upturning. You and your child will leave firmly convinced she is the best."

    - Weekendnotes


    Melbourne Fringe 2018

    The Melba Spegieltent



    Radio Variety Hour

    With Sam Marzden and Bert Goldsmith


    Radio Variety Hour is an hour-long comedy theatre show unlike anything you've seen (or heard) since about 1950... part loving parody and part improvised chaos.


    The brainchild of comedians Bert Goldsmith, Sam Marzden and Lauren Bok, RVH is all these things and more. With the trio playing all characters, performing sound effects live on stage with a variety of household objects, singing old-time ads and often laughing more than the crowd, Radio Variety Hour is a comedy with something for everyone.






    Wander Women

    With Chelsea Hughes and Megan Mckay


    It’s the Wander Women! Tales of adventure from across the globe and



    A travel-based sketch show.


    "Wander Women is a refreshingly down to earth and self-deprecating show that highlights three very talented women"


    Beat Magazine


    Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015

    Gold Room, Portland Hotel


    2 States of Lauren Bok and Bridget Fahey

    A split bill stand up show with smartass Adelaide comic Bridget Fahey


    "Neat asides about her love life, accompanied by judiciously placed hair flicks, round out Bok’s material for a likeable, laugh-out-loud routine."


    Rip It Up


    Adelaide Fringe 2015

    Producer's Bar

    Sullivan and Bok

    Surreal sketch and smart stand up with Claire Sullivan


    "The melange of playfulness, wit, absurdity and silliness make for hilarious company. These guys are delightful"



    "...a wild hour of stand up and general mucking around"

    Squirrel Comedy


    "f**king bizarre"

    Festival Freak


    Adelaide Fringe 2013

    MICF 2013


  • Gaggle

    Stand up Comedy Workshops for anyone that isn't cismale.

    Gaggle facebook page is here

    Gaggle Comedy is a workshop for women, non-binary people to find their comedic voice.

    Lauren delivers a 2 hour stand up workshop covering the basics of your first 5 minutes of stand up.

    Please get in touch to learn more!

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